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 Injector-Pump spare parts

COD:600098 - REF/1471.010.997

Repair kit injector pump 2įEdition AUDI=SKODA application

 COD:600130 - REF/F00HN37069

repair kit mercedes actros=axor=citaro

 COD:600132 - REF/F00HN37070

repair kit mercedes atego


injector pump delphi system repair kit volvo fh12 380/420 cv


complete repair kit pde iveco cursor 8

 COD:600135/5 - REF/00VX99996-500350189

repair kit pde iveco cursor

 COD:600136 - REF/F00VX99999

repair kit pde bh scania

 COD:600140 REF/F00HN37928

repair kit electrovalve scania volvo iveco

 COD:600143 REF/1278222=1500832

repair kit caterpillar


repair kit iveco eurotech=cursor10 repair kit iveco stralis 430=480=530


repair kit iveco eurocargo 280=330=350=400

 COD:600147 REF/0.414.750.002

repair kit iveco eurocargo 280=330=350=400 repair kit iveco stralis430=480=530

 COD:600148 REF/10027

repair kit caterpillar


injector pump sh system repair kit volvo fh12 460 cv

 COD:600148 REF/92747

l repair kit caterpillar

 COD:600152 REF NEDO OR2921

repair kit caterpillar


mercedes citaro bus ref/0.423.191.395

 COD:1020000 REF/F00HN37926

repair kit pde


bosch 1417010997 repair kit pde 75-80


pde 80 kit spine allineamento/1.5*24mm (100pz per sacchetto)


pde 80 kit spine allineamento/1.5*17mm (100pz per sacchetto)


pde 80 kit spine allineamento/1.8*17mm(100pz per sacchetto)


astina tipo bosch


astina tipo volvo

 COD: 530264/6

distanziale 18*5 tipo bosch

 COD: 530264/7

distanziale 18*5 tipo volvo

 COD:300990 - REF/4519970545

mercedes atego=daf-iveco tector-íring nozzle holder

 COD:300992/25 REF/9060170260

mercedes atego oíring nozzle holder


scania iveco applications mm26*1.33 pde teflon solenoid


scania iveco applications mm34.70*1 pde teflon solenoid

 COD:490119 - REF/00D0906050

mercedes actros

 COD:490128/05 - REF/00.1050.00

mercedes actros

 COD:490143/15 - REF/00.1050.000

mercedes actros

 COD:530142/20 - REF/A90601707760

ex0560 mercedes atego bush

 COD: 530142/25 - REF/F0DZW00000

mercedes citaro bush

 COD:520379 - REF/2.430.105.049

mm5*10*0.8 mercedes actros ref/ mercedes 2111985 ref/khd 0000170776


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